Welcome To Justamere Havanese 

 Here is the gang! (No we are not always groomed for show. We have to have fun too. Like a good run through the agility course out back. ) Madison, Rowdy, Joy, Bright Eyes, and Adam.  

Can't believe they sat long enough for this picture. 

(The little guy in front on the floor is a Beiwer, Johnny, friend of my havanese.) 


About Us

Welcome to my website. My name is Pamela Cunningham and I am located in mid Florida. I have shown and worked with dogs for over 50 years. I can't imagine life without them.


All my havanese live in my home as a family. I fell in love with the havanese in 2008 when I saw my first havanese come into my grooming shop. Loved their perky personality! The havanese is so loyal to their family and give so much love that I have had them in my home ever since. My family has grown. I find Havanese are like potatoe chips "you can't have just one".


We not only have AKC Champions, but we also health test. 


Litters at Justamere are rare. Only occasionally do I have a puppy for sell.

 CH. Tapsott's Justamere Native Spirit  aka "Rowdy" in the Toy Group ring. He loves his picture taken and will spot a camera anywhere!